Many Festivals have trophies that are unique to them, with local rules about their award. It is the duty of the Festival Secretary in such cases to advise the Adjudicator well in advance so that due consideration can be given to such limitations.


Copies of the plays to be adjudicated should be in the hands of the Adjudicator at least twenty-one days prior to the Festival. It should always be made clear where original material is being presented. S.A.S.D.A. Members are used to meeting Clubs immediately after their Public Adjudication and where this is to take place, arrangements should be made for accommodation that provides sufficient privacy for such an occasion.There is a legal requirement that copyright should not be infringed in any way. Proof of permission to perform should be furnished by a festival secretary on request of the adjudicator.


Copies of adjudicators’ mark sheets will be returned to Festival Secretaries within 7 days. Please note that mark sheets are an abbreviated record of comments and not written adjudications.


Should a Festival, for whatever reason, have need for an Adjudicator at short notice, if the Administrator is contacted he may be able to advise you who is available and be prepared to negotiate for you.


In the event of a Festival having any complaint regarding any member of S.A.S.D.A, the Administrator should be advised by the Festival Secretary, as the employer of that adjudicator. The complaint will be thoroughly investigated and appropriate action will be taken.